Body in Music

There is also interest in the BiM-method outside the Netherlands. In Belgium we regularly give the BiM-course, but also in Germany. Patrick has been invited to Cyprus a number of times to teach the BiM-method for carriers in three day center of the ‘Association for the Welfare of People with Mental Handicap’ in Nicosia (Oct 2016/ May 2017) and the ‘Association of Music Therapists’ in Limassol (May 2019).

BiM stands for ‘Body in Music’ a body related method using musical activities in the treatment of people with multiple or severe multiple disabilities. In practice, the BiM-method contributes to alertness, relaxation, making contact and sensory information processing. Consequently the BiM-activities are a targeted and meaningful method in residential care groups, day care centre or special needs education.

The course is intended for care and teaching professionals who works directly with children or adults suffering from severe multiple mental disabilities (for example activity counselors, group leaders, parents, group teachers, classroom assistants, music therapists or music teachers). Because of the interest from abroad, we organize a 2-day BiM-course in the Netherlands. On the calendar you can see when this international BiM course takes place.

The fee for individual enrolment is € 450,
Included: certificate, BiM-book, BiM-activity calendar, USB-stick, a number of BiM-materials, 2x lunch, 1x dinner.
Not included: Bed & Breakfast

Courses can also be organised elsewhere on request.

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