The clear structure in the bim-activity and some times repeating the same bim-activity promotes at someone with a serious bim-multiple restriction the possibility next to the stage-worn on an associative part to organize also his experiences. It is not excluded that over time the experiences in the structural phase to be ordained.

The physical perception of the sound aspects of the music makes for the awareness of one´s own body, its environment and its attendant. This is the basic purpose of this music activities. Then you can work on musical – and general goals focused. The musical goals are primarily focused on the experience of the various sound aspects such as hard and soft or fast and slow. If this basis is can work to the musical development.

Building a bim-activity

1. Music song
referrer for the bim-activity
For singing the music song you give the referrer for the music activity.
The music song you sing to everyone individually. If the song is ready, you ask the referrer back.

2. Introduction
Everyone can feel even the material used and stick to it.

Listen only the material the music of the bim-activity

3. Bim- activity
You enter the bim-activity with amenities.
music = action
no music = no action

4. Closure
Anyone can hold the material used briefly again.
You can tell about the bim-activity with the participents.

5. Stop song
referrer for the end of the bim-activity